Communication and Healing with Animals with Linda Tellington-Jones

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Have a favorite animal in your life? Want to relate to animals in a different way? Linda Tellington-Jones opens our eyes to an innovative, effective method of improving our animals’ health and temperament, and of experiencing the deep joy of communicating with another species. Tellington-Jones describes many extraordinary encounters with animals from horses to swans, from pythons to orcas and, of course, dogs and cats. Her lively adventures are inspirational, beguiling and unforgettable. “I believe animals are here to open our hearts,” she says. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Linda Tellington-Jones has more than four decades of experience working with animals. She has developed the Tellington TTouch as a system of animal training, healing, and communication that allows people to relate to animals in a deeper, more compassionate way, a way that furthers inter-species connection and honors the body, mind, and spirit of both animals and their people. The Tellington Method utilizes a variety of techniques of touch, movement and body language to affect behavior, performance, and heath, and to increase an animal’s willingness and ability to learn in a painless and anxiety-free environment. She has taught in many universities and has conducts workshops worldwide. Her work has been introduced as a valuable method to reduce stress in wild life rehabilitation and to enhance the well-being of animals in zoos.

Linda Tellington-Jones is the author of many books, including:

She has also produced the videos:

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the Tellington Touch and how it works
  • Who was Moshe Feldenkrais and a description of how we can activate unused neural pathways to the brain
  • How a python responded to Tellington-Jones and thanked her
  • How her encounter with a rattlesnake changed her view of snakes
  • How a meeting with a gorilla in zoo changed her life
  • How she communicated with orcas
  • What we can do to enhance our partnerships with our animal companions
  • What we can do to help a dog who chronically barks

Host: Justine Willis Toms        Interview Date: 4/7/1992        Program Number: 2319

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