Clear View: Vedanta for Westerners with Jean Klein, M.D.

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A French philosopher and teacher of Advaita Vedanta, the late Jean Klein is said to have attained realization. Klein spent several years in India where he met his guru, who eventually sent him back to Europe to teach Vedanta. Espousing a non-dualistic view of life, Klein speaks of a direct approach instead of a progressive one, beyond the rational mind, but inclusive of it. The possibility of personal liberation or enlightenment is eminently real and attainable, according to Klein, who speaks clearly from his experience. He says, "From the level of the "I", the level of the personality, you can never transform. You can change; you can take one object to another place; that is possible, but what we call transmutation or transformation is not possible."


Jean Klein (1912 – 1998), a musicologist and doctor, spent several years in India where he met his Guru and was initiated into traditional wisdom. He was eventually sent back to Europe to teach Advaita Vedanta.

Jean Klein is the author of many books including:

  • Neither This Nor That (Watkins 1981)
  • The Ease of Being (The Acorn Press 1984)
  • Who Am I (Element Books 1988)
  • I Am (Third Millennium 1989)
  • Beyond Knowledge (Non-Duality Press 1994)

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is it to face the world with complete openness
  • What is the difference between the concept of fear and actual fear
  • What happens to the patterns that we replay and replay in our minds
  • Why the mind can never change the mind
  • Who are we if we're not our bodies
  • What is choiceless observation
Host: Michael Toms               Interview Date: 2/5/1986            Program Number: 1974