Celebrating Partnership: a formula for Survival with Riane Eisler, Ph.D.

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Change in the world begins with ourselves, but it doesn't stop there. We have entered a new era, which challenges us to enhance our relationships on every level. Internationally known scholar, author, futurist and activist, Riane Eisler, cogently states that if we are to survive as a species we must release the "Domination" model, which has shaped our present day civilization, and move to a new paradigm. According to her, the shift from the "Domination" Model to the "Partnership" model has never been more urgent. Eisler compares medieval European society to the Taliban, and the militias in our own country, and suggests that they are mirror images, and have nothing to do with East vs. West, or with ancient vs. modern. "These are societies that orient very closely to the 'Domination' model, where women and children are ranked, controlled and punished swiftly, so it shouldn't surprise us that you get terrorism out of that kind of culture." (hosted by Michael Toms)


Riane Eisler Ph.D. holds degrees in sociology and law from the UCLA. She is a founding member of the General Evolution Research Group, and a commissioner of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, along with the Dalai Lama and other spiritual leaders. She is also co-founder of the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence, and president of the Center for Partnership Studies.

Her books include:

  • Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth, and the Politics of the Body; New Paths to Power and Love (HarperSanFrancisco 1995)
  • The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics (Berrett-Koehler 2007)

To learn more about the work of Riane Eisler go to www.rianeeisler.com or to www.partnershipway.org.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How you can discover your own dominator
  • What are the benefits of the partnership model
  • How the Martha Stewart lifestyle symbolizes what is happening to our society
  • How seven relationships can change your life
  • Why building partnership foundations is critical to our future
Host: Michael Toms        Interview Date: 4/12/2002        Program number: 2934