Bringing Unconditional Love To Ourselves with Robyn Posin, Ph.D.

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This dialogue explores how we may become more consistently gentle, more kind, and more tender with ourselves in this mad-paced world. How may we develop the habit of listening to that little voice inside that is so often ignored in the name of expediency? Robyn Posin suggests that we make an agreement with ourselves to take some part of every week to just listen. She says it’s important to make a habit of taking the time to sit quietly with ourselves, and reminds us that it’s also important to keep that commitment no matter what. Rather than taking a large chunk of time, we need to allow ourselves just the right amount of time that we can stick to. It’s better to bite off something small that you can absolutely abide by than to take on something large. The idea is to keep the promise you’ve made to yourself. At first we may not hear that small voice inside because, as she states, “those parts of you have been abandoned and neglected and have managed without your attention for many years.” By being persistent and keeping your promise to sit on a regular basis you will be able to hear the voice that’s been longing to be heard. Posin also talks about how to know the difference between going as slow as that littlest voice inside is telling us to go, and procrastination. She also shares why she’s firmly opposed to compromise. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Robyn Posin, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, living in Ojai, California. She works in person or on the phone as a therapist, coach and mentor, specializing in transforming the inner critic into an empowering ally, and developing a fiercely protective inner caregiver as we learn to re-parent our wounded self. She is a developer of Rememberings and Celebrations cards, which are loving reminders of the great mother’s voice.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How may we become our own fiercely protective inner caregiver
  • How can we make a portable altar that helps us to set up a special time for deep listening
  • What is the difference between going slowly and procrastination
  • How was Posin able to change her life completely and leave her work, her friends, her family, her home on the East Coast, and move to California
  • What profound lesson did Posin learn from a little girl having a temper tantrum in an airport
  • How may we learn to nurture ourselves as much as we nurture others
  • What are some safe ways to release such as anger and grief

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 6/27/2013   Program Number: 3474

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