Bread For The Journey with Wayne Muller

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A minister and therapist who has spent the last twenty years working with the homeless, adult children of abuse, and people with life-threatening illness, Wayne Muller has learned that while pain is inevitable, suffering is not. A catastrophe often wakes us up to what really matters in life, and the pursuit of more meaning in our lives. By surrounding ourselves with the things and people we love, we become energized and are reminded "how beautiful and joyous things can be. We're pulled forward rather than pushed from behind by responsibilities and requirements that end up being excess weight on our back." (hosted by Michael Toms & Mark Walstrom)


Muller is the founder of both Bread for the Journey, an organization serving families and communities in northern New Mexico, and the Institute for Engaged Spirituality in Santa Fe.

He is the author of:

  • How Then Shall We Live (Bantam 1996)
  • Legacy of the Heart (Simon & Schuster 1992)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to find your calling
  • The nature of surrender
  • Rediscovering the joy of Sabbath
  • How to overcome your deepest fears
  • How to maximize your energy by surrounding yourself with what you love
  • A simple definition of neurosis
  • How to find the gifts you were meant to share
  • Discovering the centerpoint between polarities
  • Why our culture mistakenly teaches that what we have is never enough
Host: Michael Toms & Mark Walstrom      Interview Date: 4/14/1997      Program Number: 2654