Awakening To The Vision with Ken Carey

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Recovering the virtues of native American peoples and integrating them into the emerging information society serves as the central focus of this relevant and inspiring dialogue with Carey, who lives on a farm in Missouri and has been acknowledged as a visionary through the fame of his books, The Starseed Transmissions and Visions. Simply and clearly, he speaks of his life on the land and how his inspirational work began through trying to grow a garden in the middle of a drought. From such humble origins, he has come to a deep appreciation of the living Earth, and now applies his energy to the larger planetary garden. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Ken Carey is  the author of:

  • The Starseed Transmissions (Uni-Sun/Stillpoint 1982)
  • Visions (Uni-Sun 1985)
  • Return of the Bird Tribes (Uni-Sun 1988)

Host: Michael Toms              Interview Date: 9/8/1988           Program Number: 2101