An Awakened, Undefended, And Intelligent Heart with Terry Patten

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Despite our present polarization and alienation from one another, there are some underlying shifts taking place in the world that should force us to come together in mutual support and creativity. Terry Patten is our escort and guide to how we may become evolutionary activists in this era of exploding crises and intense transitions. He gives the following advice regarding the marriage of political action with spiritual practice. He says,”[We need] an ability to be in touch with a happiness that isn’t rooted in conditional reasons - a radical happiness and that’s consciousness itself . . . That’s the joy, goodness, beauty, and truth of existence that’s at the root of everything. A profound spiritual practice is necessary because only people who are rooted in that unreasonable happiness are going to be equal to the challenges that lie ahead.” He also describes heart intelligence as a capacity for cooperation and altruism but not idealism. He says heart intelligence is more powerful than anger and exhorts us to understand that “we are in this lifeboat together and the fiercest thing we can do is to say: I’m living in a new republic of the heart. I’m a revolutionary. You are not going to separate yourself from me. I refuse to be in separation from you. That’s the fierceness. That’s the voice of love.” And that’s the kind of power this moment in history requires. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Terry Patten (1951-2021) was the founder of A New Republic of the Heart, a co-creative social experiment in Being of Benefit. He's a philosopher, activist, social entrepreneur, and teacher of integral practice and transformation. He has taught Integral Life Practice to over ten thousand people. Terry also founded the consciousness technology company Tools for Exploration and led the team at the HeartMath Institute that developed their first heart-rate variability monitor. He advised businesses addressing restorative forestry, fossil-fuel alternatives, collective trauma, and the reclaiming of personal data and power.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the state of denial we are in regarding climate science and how far we’ve overshot our planetary carrying capacity
  • How does spiritual practice intersect with political activism
  • How nothing exists in isolation
  • How the dilemma of these challenging times will take courage and integrity
  • What are the many human intelligence systems: head, heart, gut
  • What is integral intelligence
  • How to find motivation beyond fear and anger
  • What is the 10% tipping point
  • Why we must pay attention to both good and bad polarities
  • Why we must support both collective and individual needs
  • What are the benefits of communities of practice
  • How can we come together with those who subscribe to the opposite end of the political spectrum from us
  • How does shared inquiry and evolutionary dialogue promote collective intelligence, wisdom, and awakening
  • Why it is important to have the humility to know we don’t know everything

Host: Justine Willis Toms        Interview Date: 5/16/2018        Program Number: 3645

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From Album: The Sands of Time
Artist: Peter Sterling
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Opening Essay: Track 01 Forever and a Day
Music Break 1: Track 06 To the Moon and Back
Music Break 2: Track 07 10,000 Nights
Music Break 3: Track 10 The Distant Shore