Above and Beyond with Anita Roddick

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"We have done something no other company has ever done in the history of business and many people think it was the most stupid thing we did. I think it was the bravest. . ." boasts Anita Roddick, best known as the outspoken founder of The Body Shop, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, with 1500 stores in 47 countries. She has dedicated herself to putting her money not only where her mouth is but where her heart is. Roddick was the driving force behind The Body Shop's activism: challenging big business and the beauty industry to act responsibly in areas ranging from human rights, animal rights, and women's self-esteem, to NAFTA and globalization. Immerse yourself in the feisty dialogue between Michael Toms and Roddick as she shares some of the highs and lows of her business activities and her vision of how all businesses can be about public good rather than private greed. (hosted by Michael Toms)


 The late Anita Roddick (1942–2007) set the standard for corporate social responsibility and has challenged other transnational corporations to follow in her footsteps.

She authored:

  • Body and Soul: Profits with Principles - The Amazing Success Story (Crown Trade, 1991)
  • Business as Unusual: The Triumph of Anita Roddick (Thorsons, 2000)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What you can do to change greed taking center stage in business
  • How you can actively support corporations that address the well-being of the planet
  • Learn to educate yourself and get information, no longer using ignorance as an excuse for inactivity
  • Find out how The Body Shop celebrates women rather than idealizes them
  • How you can promote human rights through buying hair and skin care products
Host: Michael Toms      Interview Date: 1/19/2001      Program Number: 2853