A Safe Harbor for the Climate with Peter Fiekowsky

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Here we explore an optimistic and realistic look at how we can and must restore the health of our atmosphere to levels that support all life on this planet. What are the possibilities of a safe harbor for humanity in the climate disruption crisis? Even though the transition to net-zero carbon emissions is well underway, it may not be enough to ensure a healthy and habitable environment for future generations because it does not address the carbon dioxide that already lingers in our atmosphere and which, if we do not do something, will be there for millennia. The present level of CO2 is already way above healthy levels for life on the planet as we know it. The good news comes from our guest today, Peter Fiekowsky, who has extensively researched and come up with specific, concrete steps we can take that can bring about a restoration of the kind of healthy climate humankind has flourished under for 10,000 years. He says that climate restoration is not only feasible but, once started, will pay for itself. This is not wishful thinking. It is on the ground proven processes that can and are being implemented. Here we discuss several of these adaptations already used by Mother Nature in restoring the atmosphere to livable levels by 2050. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Peter Fiekowsky is an MIT educated physicist and engineer, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a social innovator. He has worked at NASA and the Fairchild/Schlumberger Artificial Intelligence Lab in Palo Alto, California and has taught at MIT. He holds 27 patents and was instrumental in launching the Foundation for Climate Restoration whose purpose is to work with top scientists, innovators, policymakers, and others to create the understanding and policy needed to further climate restoration. 

Peter Fiekowsky is co-author with Carole Douglis of:

  • Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race (Rivertown Books 2022) 

To learn more about the work of Peter Fiekowsky go to www.peterfiekowsky.com. 

To learn more about the work of the nonprofit citizens lobby organization Results go to www.results.org. 

Topics explored in this dialogue include: 

  • How Fiekowsky’s volunteer work with the citizens’ advocacy organization Results translated into his commitment to find solutions for climate change by 2050
  • What were the targeted questions about climate solutions that Fiekowsky asked of congressional representatives and scientists
  • Why going for net zero carbon emissions is not enough to save an atmosphere that is livable for humans
  • What are the three criteria for effective projects that will restore the atmosphere to pre-industrial levels
  • What are some of the processes and adaptations for restoring the atmosphere that follow nature’s lead
  • What is synthetic limestone and why is it an important process in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere
  • One of the fastest ways for pulling carbon out of the atmosphere is through ocean restoration by turning blue ocean green
  • Why blue ocean is considered an ocean desert with very little growing in it
  • How adding iron oxide powder to small sections of ocean will sequester huge amounts of CO2 and will also encourage fish to return
  • Some well-meaning activists oppose some of these solutions because they feel it takes fossil fuel companies off the hook
  • How will these projects be funded
  • What is Humanity Day and the I Am Humanity movement 

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 9/25/2022   Program Number: 3772 

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