A Miraculous Healing With An Arapaho Elder with Lisa Jones

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Lisa Jones was asked to write an article for Smithsonian magazine about Stanford Addison, an Arapaho elder living in Wyoming on the Wind River Indian Reservation. He was a quadriplegic and a master horse trainer. Although very interested in Native Americans, Jones’ track record in interviewing them was not stellar, and she went on this assignment with great trepidation. No wonder, because it was as if her soul knew that her life would be changed forever. She says of this first encounter with Stan, as he wheeled up to her in his wheel chair, "It was like this guy sees right through you and your life is about to change. I didn't go there seekingmy life is fine: I own a house, have a credit card, and I'm not looking for a spiritual teacher, I just want to write a great story. Honestly, at that moment I thought, 'Oh, my God, something is about to change'… He just rolled right up to me, and gave me the calmest gaze ever, and a body blow of knowledge went right through me at that moment, that I didn't expect." Her book Broken is an account of those life-changing years with Stanford, who died in 2012. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Lisa Jones is a journalist, and has written for many publications including The New York Times Magazine, High Country News, and National Public Radio. She spent many extraordinary years working with a Native American healer until his death in 2012.

She is the author of:

To learn more about the work of Lisa Jones go to www.brokenalovestory.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How did Stanford Addison, a quadriplegic Native American healer, train horses
  • How is living on the Wind River Indian reservation like living in post-apocalyptic times
  • What are the lessons of community on the reservation that serve all of us
  • How happiness is not as important as it is to be connected to a larger force
  • What is the difference between Native American and Buddhist spiritual practices
  • How does the warrior culture get played out on the reservation

Host: Justine Wills Toms     Interview Date: 6/10/2010     Program Number: 3360

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From Album: Music for Native Americans
Artist: Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble
1994 Blue Northern & Blue Raven Publishing #CDP 7243-8-28295-2-2

Opening Essay: Track 01 Coyote Dance
Music Break 1: Track 01 Coyote Dance
Music Break 2: Track 02 Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song)
Music Break 3: Track 09 Cherokee Morning Song