A Journey To Consciousness with Alan Lithman

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Hitchhiking from London to the extreme desert of Southern India, Alan Lithman followed his calling, merging his 1960s activism with his spiritual hunger, to join the international community of Auroville. Letting his old spiritual beliefs of "transcendence" go, Lithman embraced "transformation", which is described by Sri Aurobindo as an evolution of consciousness that continually reveals itself in matter and the body. "Transformation is not a joke. There is a tendency in the west to want it now. One has to be willing to slow oneself down to bear with what is that, that really needs to be changed." For over 20 years Lithman lived on a plateau in India with the heat, mosquitoes and parasites, without electricity or running water. He put himself on the line, applying his spirituality, overcoming his resistance and in doing so, enriching his life while transforming a dry desert into a lush forest. "Auroville was the place where reality sets in the extreme. When I came there were only 30 people. When I left there were 700 or 800 people." Join Lithman as he relates an adventure that will challenge your spiritual concepts and inspire you to make your own changes. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Alan Lithman is the author of the novel:

  • The Savitri Legend: A Transformational Tale (Sigo Press, 2000)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How to balance the practical with the profound
  • Essential differences between "transcendence" and "transformation"
  • Meeting the challenges of community living
  • Bringing practicality back into a spiritual life
  • A truthful account of the International Community of Auroville, India
  • A meaningful fable of discovering the divine
Host: Michael Toms       Interview Date: 7/20/2000       Program Number: 2825