Tools For Thought With Howard Rheingold

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An engrossing visit with this veteran journalist and pioneer of “mind-amplifying” technology. Rheingold tells how electronic networking is creating “virtual communities” that enormously increase communication and information access wordwide. Neither a technocrat nor a Luddite, Rheingold keenly notes the most empowering and appropriate uses of new technology, thereby demystifying it for even the most hardened computerphobe. He also describes the computerized dream-journal software that he designed.


Howard Rheingold is the author of many articles and books, including:

  • Tools for Thought (Simon and Schuster 1985)
  • They Have A Word For It (J.P. Tarcher 1988)
  • Excursions to the Far Side of the Mind (Morrow 1988)

Topic explored in this dialogue:

  • How to deal with information overload
  • Little-known background information about the Apple braintrust
  • Possibilities of a humanistic community linked by computer
  • The many ways computers can help writers
  • Appropriate and inappropriate uses of computers for children
  • Rheingold’s software program for dream interpretation
  • The tremendous potential benefits of computer networking

Host: Michael Toms    Interview Date: 4/6/1988      Program Number: 2084