The Timeless and Urgent Wisdom of Joseph Chilton Pearce with Michael Mendizza

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The deepening of personal transformation is an ongoing act of self-discovery and we're standing on the shoulders of the many pioneers in the study of the astonishing capacities of the human mind and spirit. One such pioneer is the late Joseph Chilton Pearce, whose work has encompassed many decades of extensive research and inquiry. Michael Mendizza enjoyed a deep friendship with Joe that spanned nearly 30 years. He’s pieced together seven of Joe's most influential books and shares insights on his work from child development and conscious parenting to psychic phenomena, altered states and the power of the mind to shape reality. This is a tour of personal awakening to the impressive human capacities as well as self-inflicted limitations. The wisdom, key insights, and genius of this pioneer of consciousness, Joseph Chilton Pearce, are uncovered in this lively dialogue. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms) 


Michael Mendizza is an entrepreneur, author, educator, documentary filmmaker, and founder of Touch the Future, a nonprofit learning center focused on optimizing human potential beginning with the parent-child relationship. 

Michael Mendizza’s books include: 

  • Magical Parent-Magical Child (co-author Joseph Chilton Pearce) (North Atlantic 2004).
  • The Life and Insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce: Astonishing Capacities and Self-Inflicted Limitations (Editor) (Park Street Press 2021 

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Topics explored in this dialogue include: 

  • How reality is not a fixed construct but rather a dynamic relationship between Mind and Matter
  • How Pearce putting a cigarette out on his hand and not getting burned illustrated our amazing capacities and self-limiting capacities
  • Who is physicist David Bohm (Einstein’s protégé and friend to spiritual teacher Krishnamurti)
  • How life creates the universe
  • What is the meaning of the metaphor ‘crack in the cosmic egg’
  • How Physicist Max Planck, Ph.D. turned the basis of reality on its head by saying consciousness is fundamental to all reality
  • What was the research by Marcelle Gerber of the bonding and telepathic resonance of Kenya’s mothers to their infants
  • What is the “field effect” as described by Pearce
  • How telepathy, remote viewing, spontaneous remission are not miracles but natural occurrences
  • Why spontaneous play is important in the development of a child and leads to a state of flow in adults
  • How fully articulated toys for children will not stimulate their ability to develop imagination
  • How all babies are born as geniuses but lose that capacity when they become acculturated
  • What are the optimal windows of learning
  • How TV overrides the storytelling activity of radio and audio and the internal images they create
  • How technology changes the brain and is a limiting not expanding medium
  • How Pearce blended science, the study of consciousness as expressed through biology
  • Why Pearce used the phrase “counterfeit bonding” in describing virtual reality
  • How the forces of infinite potential are limited by the computer’s mechanical structures that cannot feel empathy, compassion, joy, affection, or recognize beauty 

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 3/19/2021   Program Number: 3729

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