The Nature Of Consciousness with Christian de Quincey, Ph.D.

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In this provocative dialogue Christian de Quincey describes the difference between consciousness and energy as “Consciousness knows, energy flows.” Energy and matter can be quantified but consciousness is non-physical and doesn’t exist in space or time. Consciousness knows objects but it is not itself an object. When asked if consciousness creates matter, de Quincey responds by pointing out, “Consciousness participates with potentiality and energy to shape the physical universe. So in that sense, consciousness plays a part in the manifestation, but consciousness alone can only do that if energy already exists.” He explains that the physical world would remain suspended in a tangled mesh of quantum possibilities without consciousness. His definition of consciousness is: “Consciousness is the intrinsic ability of matter and energy to feel and know and be aware and to purposely direct itself. So consciousness is what is directing the flow of energy that we call the evolution of the cosmos and the evolution of our species and everything else.” And rather than subscribing to the notion that we create our own reality, de Quincey thinks it is a more accurate statement to say, “Each of us participates in co-creating a shared reality.” He describes beliefs as “Frozen fragments of consciousness, a snapshot of reality.” He says beliefs are rooted in the past, whereas intention is a creative aspect of consciousness focusing itself on some result, on some manifestation. (hosted Justine Willis Toms)


Christian de Quincey, Ph.D. is Professor of Philosophy and Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University and Dean of Consciousness Studies at the University of Philosophical Research. He is the founder of the Wisdom Academy.

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Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • What is the big bang theory and how does it support that we can get something for nothing
  • Where does consciousness come from and how is it connected with energy
  • What is the observer phenomena in quantum physics
  • What are the dualism, idealism, and panpsychism schools of thought
  • What is the difference between heaps and wholes in the make-up of the universe
  • How we are living in a narrative ghetto where we think of humans as exclusively special
  • How an octopus has the intelligence get out of its tank and steal fish from another
  • What is the great cosmic democracy of a co-created shared reality
  • Why scientific materialism is not scientific

Host: Justine Willis Toms   Interview Date: 1/5/2016   Program Number: 3568

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