Following Nature's Lead: Natural Wisdom Applied To Modern Dilemmas with David Suzuki, Jeremy Narby, Mae-Won Ho, Fritjof Capra, Dan Dagget, Paul Stamets, Janina Benyus, William McDonough, Ana Edey, Joel Salatin, Carol Ann Heart, Winona LaDuke, Alice Walker

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The essence of nature may not be the competitive struggle for survival we have been taught to believe. The dilemma of how to live globally with the least amount of destruction to the earth and to each other might best be solved by carefully noticing how nature itself lives and manufactures. By following nature's lead we can be guided to create a world where human enterprise contributes to the health of the planet. Guests on the program comment, "Healthy environments, sustainability, restoration - it's not a matter of things, it's a matter of relationships. The best way to benefit yourselves may be to benefit others." In this special production aired as part of the 2005 Public Radio Collaboration, Think Global, each guest helps us examine the web in the web of life. They suggest the solutions to modern dilemmas are right before our eyes. The question is how can we follow nature's lead to discover them? The scientists, native elders, business leaders, and farmers, including design architect William McDonough, featured in this program explore what's necessary, what's possible, and what's doable. (hosted by Neil Harvey)

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How can we think globally from natures perspective
  • What are the many profound ways we are connected to all of nature
  • Why you can't take a photograph of the web of life
  • How can the interconnected view of the world be put into practical use
  • Why is it most accurate to think of the basic patterns of life as relationships
  • What evidence is there to suggest the earth is conscious

Host: Neil Harvey          Interview Date: 4/15/2005           Program Number: 3087