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Why do we continually try to fill our lives with information and activities? Could it be our fear of mystery, of failure, of the unknown? These, says Thomas Moore, are the very paths that lead us to soul, that elusive quality that makes us human in the richest sense of the word. From his many years of theological study, psychotherapy and personal seeking, Moore tells us what soul is, what it isn't, and how to find it in the midst of modern life--slowing down and honoring emptiness, without continually trying to improve and analyze ourselves. "The soul wants to be revealed," he says, "not understood." This is a refreshingly humane approach to life with sacred depth. (hosted by Michael Toms) 


Thomas Moore, Ph.D. was a monk for twelve years, a university professor. He is a musician and a psychotherapist and lectures widely on holistic medicine, spirituality, psychotherapy, and the arts. He has a Ph.D. in religion from Syracuse University. 

Thomas Moore’s books include: 

  • Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life (HarperPerennial 1994)
  • The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life as an Act of Love (Harper Perennial 1999)
  • Dark Nights of the Soul (Gotham 2005)
  • A Religion of One’s Own: A Guide to Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World (Gotham 2014)
  • The Eloquence of Silence: Surprising Wisdom in Tales of Emptiness (New World Library 2023) 

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Topics explored in the dialogue include: 

  • The trouble with self-improvement
  • Reasons to develop your "lower consciousness"
  • The value of failure and nonproductivity
  • What the alchemists were seeking
  • Why psychologists should perhaps be theologians
  • The pitfalls of psychology
  • "The ultimate solution to loneliness"
  • Why beauty is more important than health
  • The soulful qualities of letter-writing
  • How to be a "real materialist"
  • Why it is neurotic to be overly knowledgeable
  • Why soul loves sex 

Host: Michael Toms   Interview Date: 11/11/1994    Program Number: 2502