Beyond Our Wounds Is A Field Of Healing with Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D.

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Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D. is a licensed psychotherapist whose focus is on fear-based disorders such as trauma, anxiety, and depression as well as women’s issues. With her doctorate in clinical psychology and her master's degree in counseling, Manly merges her psychotherapy skills with her writing expertise to offer easily understood guidance. Through a highly personalized approach that focuses on discovering and understanding each individual's unique needs and life-path goals, Dr. Manly's psychotherapeutic approach blends her clinical knowledge with a holistic, body-mind-spirit approach. She’s passionate about creating healing from the inside out and maintains her clinical practice in Sonoma County, Ca"

[lifornia just North of San Francisco.

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Host: Justine Willis Toms           Interview Date: 7/30/2019             Program Number: C0477

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