From Consensus Trance to Self-Transformation with Charles Tart, Ph.D.

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Mechanical habits of thought, perception and behavior can cause us to be little more than robotic automatons going through the motions of our lives without any conscious idea that our actions have actually been programmed by unconscious patterns. Tart, a world famous authority on consciousness, reveals ways to literally wake up from this self-induced hypnotic-like state and become more fully alive and aware in the moment. Inspired by the teachings of Gurdjieff, Tart has also incorporated his own experience with Aikido and Buddhism coupled with his training as a psychologist to develop many useful techniques to create inner peace and outer effectiveness. 


Charles T. Tart, Ph.D. is internationally known for his psychological work on the nature of consciousness, particularly on altered states of consciousness, and for his research in scientific parapsychology. He is one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology. Tart’s two classic books, Altered States of Consciousness (Doubleday 1972) and Transpersonal Psychologies (Harper Collins 1992), were instrumental in introducing these subjects to modern psychology.  

Charles Tart, Ph.D. is the author of many books including: 

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HOST: Michael Toms           Interview Date: 1/16/87           Program Number: 2027